Sanjay Gagnani: wanted to entertain the audience and educate them on the COVID-19 pandemic

As of now, self-quarantine is the only known way to prevent the novel from spreading. coronavirus . While staying at home seems like the easiest thing to do, the past few weeks have shown us that it's far from that. Given the number of people who violate the emergency shutdown Across the country, many celebrities have championed the importance of staying indoors these days. Actor Sanjay Gagnani , who plays Prithvi Malhotra in ‘ Kundali Bhagya 'It is one of them. Together with his friend Rupesh Sonar, he recorded a video that shows familiar faces of the television fraternity. Transmit the message, ‘ Ghar Baitho India ’. The video, which was released last week, has received rave reviews for its thinking and execution. Struck by the positive comments, Sanjay plans to make another video soon.

He shares, “Like most of us, I have been rendered out of action since the emergency shutdown was announced. Since I am a workaholic, I had this urge to entertain people even while I was home. The idea was to entertain and spread awareness around the pandemic at the same time. Around that time, I chanced upon the song, ‘ Ghar Baitho India ’ and quite liked it. After a discussion with Rupesh, we thought of shooting a video with prominent faces in the television industry. We contacted around 22 actors and asked each one to shoot and send their footage the way they wanted to. It took us a week to gather all the footage, edit them and put them together in a three-minute video. Since I wanted it to have a story rather than just a song, I can be seen stopping a guy from stepping out of the house during the emergency shutdown .”

The actor is already contemplating his next video, which he promises will be bigger and better. It will not focus on a single aspect, but will display a larger image. I have something in mind, but I will reveal it when the time is right, ”he signs.

‘Ghar Baitho India’ features Sanjay, Rupesh, Poonam Preet Sunayna Fozdar Aneri Vajani , Vaishnavi Prajapati, Waseem Mushtaq, Sapna Thakur, Harsh Rajput, Zaan Khan, Manit Joura, Angad Hasija, Abhay Vakil, Nishant Malkani, Akshit Sukhija, Aditi Sharma, Priyanka Kandwal, Vikaas Kalantari, Avinesh Rekhi, Mans Mehra, Paras Kalnawat and Viruss (the singer of 'Ghar Baitho India').