Transport ministry seeks details of stranded trucks from carrier organizations

NEW DELHI: Transportation has asked everyone and truckers to provide details of the cargo that is stranded in all states.

Although trucker associations have claimed that around 3.5 lakh trucks with national permits carrying goods worth more than Rs 35,000 crore are stranded, there is no real estimate. This has created a lot of confusion.

Carriers have claimed that the loaded trucks are stranded on the roads, at the factory gates, and abroad, as there is no one to unload these trucks.

The ministry has minute details, such as the vehicle registration number, the driver's name with mobile phone number, the location and brief reason for the grounding, and any other relevant details.

Once the government gets the exact details, it can forward the cases to the states and the district government. TOI learned that the cabinet secretary has requested that the secretary of the interior send letters to all states once again mentioning the exemptions that have been granted for the activities, even during the shutdown.

In a communication to the four main carrier associations - AIMTC, AITWA, SIMTA and AICOGOA - the transport ministry has asked them to provide the information in a specific format. He has referred to reports that loaded trucks carrying essential and valuable cargo have been stranded on highways, near landfills, warehouses and factories.

Reasons cited by carriers include drivers abandoning vehicles due to blocking, lack of food, money, sanitation measures, or unavailability of workers at loading and unloading destinations.

The AIMTC chief said: “The number of such trucks will be greater if we take those that are driven within the specific states where they are registered. The Center has been issuing guidelines and instructions, but the situation is different at ground level.