ICMR seeks to participate in a trial to study the efficacy of convalescent plasma in patients with Covid-19

NEW DELHI: The Indian Council of Medical Research () has sought to participate in a randomized controlled study to assess the safety and efficacy of plasma to limit complications associated with COVID-19.

Similarly, it has also sought to participate in the study on therapeutic plasma exchange to improve the clinical status of patients with COVID-19.

Convalescent plasma is an experimental procedure for patients with COVID-19. According to the guidelines, hospitals and planning to provide this treatment modality should do so in a clinical trial with protocols approved by the Ethics Committee.

At this time, the ICMR does not recommend this as a treatment option outside of clinical trials.

ICMR is inviting a letter of intent from institutions with the equipment and infrastructure available to participate in a clinical trial to study the safety and efficacy of convalescent plasma in patients with COVID-19, following the necessary approvals and authorizations.

Institutions interested in collaborating with ICMR in conducting this trial intervention may express interest by providing the details, the ICMR said.

In convalescent plasma therapy, antibodies from the blood of patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are used to treat severely infected patients.

The objective of the study is to evaluate the efficacy of convalescent plasma in limiting complications in patients with COVID-19 and to evaluate the safety of treatment with anti-SARS-CoV-2 plasma in patients infected with coronavirus.