#LockdownCreativity: Kolkata's band collects Poila Boishakh's song by email

the emergency shutdown has allowed every creative talent in the country to think more innovatively. Artistes in India and across the globe are coming up with new ways to keep their work flowing and their audience entertained while maintaining social distancing. And Kolkata band Urban Monkz is not far behind. the Bengali New Year on April 15 has given them enough reason to come up with their latest show. They recorded and rendered their own version of Tagore Je Raate Mor Duarguli.

“With shows on the backburner because of the emergency shutdown , we recorded this cover since the new year of the Bengali calendar is almost upon us. We chose this song because it’s Tagore ’s birth month. the ‘storm’ is gloomy and it echoes the concerns people have in the time of the corona meance. Since six of us from the band are at home, we recorded our bits and collated them over mail before putting it all together. There should be more such endeavours in the future too,” said Somodeep Sengupta , lead singer of the band.