Doctors can now prescribe certain medications used in psychiatry through a video consultation.

NEW DELHI: Doctors are now able to prescribe certain medications used through video consultations following changes in telemedicine practice guidelines in light of continued blockage due to an outbreak in the country.

The Directive in this regard was issued by the Board of Governors (BoG) conferred on the powers of the (MCI).

According to a health ministry official, with the unavailability of a hard copy of the prescription due to the closure, those with neurological conditions will be able to purchase certain psychiatric and neurological medications online with the hard copy prescription.

The Board of Governors in the super session of the Medical Council of India in discharging its special responsibilities prescribed in guidelines 6.1 of the telemedicine practice guidelines makes the following modifications to 'Drug Lists'.

The following medications will be added to List A, from the Drug Lists after existing entries: Medications used in the practice of psychiatry such as phenobarbitone, clobazam, and clonazepam as a first consultation and also as a follow-up, the public notice said.

In accordance with telemedicine practice guidelines, List A medications are those that can be prescribed during the first consultation via a video link and are re-prescribed for refilling, in the event of tracing.

Due to the blockage, most patients do not receive these neurological anti-anxiety medications without a prescription. Even regular OPDs don't work. As a result, patients faced difficulties, a doctor said.