The dancing policeman goes the extra mile to feed those in need

The main Indore traffic police officer, popularly known as the dance cop, is doing more than just duty. Beyond his working hours, Ranjeet travels more than 100 km each day through the city to supply food packages to those in need, as well as to students who are trapped in their shelters with no food supply.nIndore is the educational center, It has many shelters where students from neighboring districts come to study. However, due to the strict confinement imposed in the city, many of them were unable to go home and had to stay here, without any food facility. I have assembled a team of volunteers who prepare food packages in their homes for them. So, first I collect the packages from their houses, then I give them to these children. In addition to this, we also provide food to the poor and needy, who do not have access to the ration, says the police.