Cyberabad Police unveil innovative solution for #SocialDistancing

As we all know, social distancing is the need of the hour, being one of the key solutions to break the chain during the break of COVID19.nEl cyberabad policeman We came up with an innovative solution for the city to maintain that. Despite the fact that the blockade is applied in the state, people still stock up on the essentials. And in doing so, most seem to forget social norms distancing at the vegetable and mandi markets, piling up there and putting themselves and others at risk.

So now, to help people follow the norms at such public places, Cyberabad policeman has come up with something called ‘social distancing circle’. Colourful tyre tubes are placed near these kiosks and shops so the public can stand in these circles, awaiting their turn. A ‘mask on’ policy is also being implemented by them after the state government has made it mandatory that every citizen wear a mask. Times of India’s #MaskIndia campaign, that sees support from celebrities all over the country, also urges citizens to wear homemade, cotton, reusable More expensive . Stringent action will be taken by the policeman if violators are found without More expensive .