EXCLUSIVE! Rhea Chakraborty: Neither Sushant nor I have admitted to being in a relationship, so it's not true!

Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty have been spotted together by paparazzi at several occasions in the city. The actors were also spotted together in Paris where they went for a short trip. Apart from their outings, we see both of them commenting on each other’s social media which is often considered as a PDA by their fans! There has been a buzz about Rhea and Sushant being in a relationship, however both the actors have chosen to keep mum about the same.

We chatted with Rhea Chakraborty recently on ETimes Insta Live and asked the actress directly on her relationship status with Sushant Singh Rajput . Denying such reports, Rhea told us exclusively, “Neither Sushant Singh Rajput nor I have ever admitted that, so it's not true. Sushant and I are really good friends. I've known him for eight years now. We were in YRF together and we had the same manager for a long period. Our friendship has evolved over the years. I love all my friends and I don't hide that. I am very public about my love for the people in my life, whether they are girls or boys. Whereas Sushant is a concern, he's one of the nicest and the coolest person I know. I don't know about him but to me, he's super cute and attractive. But I don't know what he thinks about me.”

We further told Rhea that Sushant recently said that he would reveal about his relationship status only if he’s paid a bomb and get featured on a magazine cover. Responding to this, Rhea said, “If a guy is going to get paid and will be covered on a magazine cover for revealing his relationship status, then girls toh definitely should get featured in two magazine covers and many more things to reveal the relationship status!”

Rhea and Sushant have also been spotted going to the gym together however the actress said that gym buddies are Rakul Preet, Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem . We asked her if there is a Sushant habit that bothers her the most, to which she said: “Sushant is too smart. He knows too much about everything. It's not a habit, it's just who it is! And that can be annoying in the sense that you may think you are a really smart person, but once you have a conversation with Sushant, you might want to rethink that!

On social media, we had recently observed Sushant addressing Rhea as a jalebi. We asked the actress if that's the nickname Sushant gave her, Rhea quickly responded saying: That's because of the movie I made, they called me Jalebi for him. My real nickname is Mishti because I'm Bengali, so it's actually pretty close.

While the reports of Sushant and Rhea dating each other are going on for quite sometime, the recent update was that the actors might soon be seen doing a film together. However on inquiring about the same from Rhea, we got to know that there is no truth to these reports. She said, “I also don’t know man I keep on reading these articles & I’m like Wow, this is happening? When this happened, I called up Sushant and asked him - What’s going on man? Are we like doing a film together? I don’t know yet!”

While Rhea Chakraborty has officially denied dating Sushant Singh Rajput , we do feel that they make a good pair together and would be interesting to see both of them working together on big screen!