Twitter user notes that Ramayan is being streamed from DVD, the channel's CEO says, 'double check your source.'

Ramayan's replay has been a respite for television that he cannot enjoy his regular shows due to the crash. Now that they're home, a repeat of the classics keeps them happily busy.

However, there is a section that has been complaining about the quality of the transmission. Apparently they are watching the replay not on television, but on other platforms.

Recently, a Twitter user claimed that DD has been transmitting Ramayan since Moser baer DVD's. She tweeted, "Apologies for this inane tweet. But Doordarshan, India's National broadcaster, is streaming Ramayan a since a Moser baer DVD. Along with the watermark."

To this DD 's CEO Shashi Shekhar immediately replied, "This does not seem to be since Doordarshan please re-check your source."

Later he recognized the problem of sound quality in some of the classics as Mahabharat .

I've tweeted, Noted the feedback regarding audio of Mahabharat on DD Bharati. Please share which platform/stb/tv you are viewing it on for us to better understand the issue as it does not seem to be ubiquitous.

The re-run of classics like Shaktimaan, Shrimaan Shrimati are being widely enjoyed by the audience. And it's showing in the numbers on the rating chart. Ramayan in its first four episodes itself fetched 170 mn viewers.