JLo is not giving away his money on the hit show 'Thanks a Million'

American actor Jennifer Lopez The new show (short scripted and unscripted content) - A Million Thanks - may be the platform's biggest hit so far, but celebrities aren't giving their own cash to people who deserve it.

According to the news, in each episode, starting with Jlo, a famous person chooses an influencer from his early years and awards him $ 100,000, with the understanding that the chosen person will spend $ 50,000 to someone similar in their own lives. Then it becomes a chain of goodwill and kindness.

This week, seven episodes are currently available to stream after launch. After Lopez's inaugural episode, the others feature Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas , Kristen bell , Aaron Rodgers , Yara Shahidi and Tracy Morgan .

However, reports have been reliably informed that big names are not spending their own money. Instead, Jeffrey Katzenberg , and the 'Thanks a Million' production team, are ponying up the cash.

In their episodes, Lopez rewards a fan who struggles to raise a daughter with cerebral palsy, and Hart rewards the hospital's medical staff that literally saved his life after a car crash in California last year. Rodgers gifts his former life coach, and Shahidi donates to the charitable foundation established by the parents of her late friend, actor Cameron Boyce.