MS Dhoni stuck now, should have retired after World Cup 2019: Shoaib Akhtar

NEW DELHI: Former Pakistani brand Shoaib Akhtar says you can't understand why Mahendra Singh Dhoni It has dragged him around for so long, as the right time for the former maverick captain of India to give it up was after last year's ODI World Cup.

Akhtar said he expects Dhoni, 38, to say goodbye forcefully despite his determined silence about what the future holds.

This guy has served as best he could. Should go Cricket with dignity. I don't know why it dragged him around for so long. He should have retired after the World Cup, Akhtar told PTI from Islamabad.

If I had been in his place, I would have hung up my boots. I could have played shorter formats for three or four years, but I left (after WC 2011) since I wasn't 100 percent in the game. So why drag? I ask.

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Dhoni, who has not played a competitive game since the World Cup semi-final in July, was preparing for a highly anticipated return with the IPL, which is now unlikely to occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If he had done well in the IPL, there was a chance that he would play the T20 World Cup in October-November.

Akhtar believes that Dhoni is now in limbo, but he deserves a big farewell despite the anticlimactic turn of events.

As a country, you should let it go with great respect and dignity. Give him a good bye. He has won the World Cup and he has done wonders for India. He is a wonderful human being at the same time. But right now, he appears to be trapped, he said.

Akhtar said Dhoni should have ideally retired after 50 years of last year's World Cup.

When he couldn't finish the game in the semifinal (against New Zealand). I felt that he should have retired, but he can only answer why he didn't, he said.


He should have played a farewell series after the World Cup and then said goodbye in a manner commensurate with his great stature.

Speaking about the inability of the Indian team to win a world event since the 2013 Champions Trophy, Akhtar said Virat Kohli The team needs match winners in the middle order.

Winning tournaments is one thing, but staying on top is another. India remains the highest ranked test team and is almost among the best teams in the limited format. Therefore, we should not base their performance solely on their presentation at ICC events.

Of course, they should win the ICC events and they should. This team, when the top four scores, win more frequently. But if they don't, then it is a problem. Another thing I noticed is that you need a match winner like Yuvraj (Singh) or Dhoni in the middle order, he explained.

When we traveled through India in 1998, we always thought we would go through India after getting the first order. There was no match winner until Yuvraj entered, followed by Dhoni.

Then you started to see a change in the results. At the moment, the problem is the lack of finishers, said the 44-year-old man.

Akhtar doesn't see any Cricket happening for the next six to eight months as coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the world.

But if India's tour of Australia takes place, Akhtar sees that all four Tests are dwindling.

India had won its first series of tests in Australia earlier last year. But this time, Australia will be a different kettle of fish in the presence of Steve Smith and David Warner, who were enforcing ball handling bans when India last toured.

Despite the loss in New Zealand, I think India is a very, very good team and can give Australia a hard time. But again, India has to prove it like it did last time.

"However, I don't see that series happening. My assessment is there won't be any Cricket for next one year. The T20 World Cup is not going to happen.

We are dealing with a pandemic right now. Any industry that requires large numbers of people will suffer, Akhtar added.