Do you think FTP for the next two years should be modified: Mohammad Azharuddin

NEW DELHI: Former Indian captain turned administrator Mohammad Azharuddin feel that everything Cricket the boards should come together to redraw the international calendar as the COVID-19 The pandemic has ensured that the current schedule is irreparable.

Azharuddin, who is the president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) feels that adjusting the Futures Tours and Programs (FTP) is also necessary to accommodate the Indian Premier League, which is important for both domestic and foreign players.

I am sure they can have a restructured FTP for two years due to so much uncertainty in the prevailing circumstances. I mean you can always prepare for the good times, but you can't prepare for the bad times, the former boss said to PTI during an interaction.

Once things calm down, we can dialogue with other member countries, he added.

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The IPL, which was scheduled to take place from March 29 to May 24, will be postponed indefinitely as the country contemplates a closure until the end of this month to contain the pandemic.

I think if they have to assign IPL, the whole itinerary needs to be changed. That is an option or follow the current itinerary with whatever is gone.

But that means big losses for all concerned and is impractical, said Azharuddin, whose own Association hosts seven home games for Hyderabad Sunrises .

So I expect a full FTP overhaul if we have to fit in the IPL. I think all the directories will agree since they are all being affected. But obviously the BCCI is affected more, he added.

IPL is so important because foreign players like it Jos Buttler and Pat Cummins have expressed their willingness to participate in the tournament at some point in the year.

No one will say no to IPL. Not even foreign players. Many people thrive on IPL, made things clear.

For many of our domestic boys, who are not regular customers in India, let's accept that they expect the IPL.

However, the man who led India in three editions of the World Cup over 50 years, does not believe that the World T20 in Australia in October-November will be eliminated.

I don't think the World T20 slot is gone. It is the third week of October and if things are going well by then I think World T20 will happen.

This is purely my personal opinion, since you cannot play with a World Cup. But obviously IPL will settle in somewhere.

He agreed that the current situation is frustrating for the players.

Since they can't make any networks, that's a problem. Once they return, they will feel that lack of practice time.

Pretty sure that most players have their own fitness programs. Once normal returns, it will probably take a week to regain contact, the veteran of 99 Tests and 334 ODI concluded.