Vivek Agnihotri: Bringing Mithun da, Lord Naseer together was a big problem for me

director Vivek Agnihotri 's' The Tashkent Files' released a year ago on April 12, and recounted the experience of making the film on Saturday.

The film's story claims to address the mysterious death of the late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri by weaving fiction with fact, and features Mithun Chakraborty, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Tripathi , Shweta Basu Prasad, Rajesh Sharma and Vinay Pathak among others.

Agnihotri confesses that reuniting Naseer and Mithun in his movie was a big problem for him. Incidentally, the two veterans had already worked together on four films before 'The Tashkent Files' in' Khwab '(1980),' Hum Paanch '(1981),' Swami Dada '(1982) and' Ghulami '(1985) but that was 33 years ago.

Actually, that could have gone against the film if all of these enormous talents had not been used correctly. All the actors who joined came with conviction. Of course, bringing Mithun da and Naseeruddin sir was a big problem for me. Initially, I was scared. They did not work together for 30 years for some personal reason. But when I went with them with the script, we were lucky that they made the movie. Naseer sir smiled when I said that Mithun da will be there in the movie Mithun Da said nothing when I said that we also chose Naseer sir, Agnihotri recalled.

In the film, the two main actors played a pair of seasoned fictional politicians.

The director added: Both are great and we know it, but their acting styles are very different. Naseer would come preparing each dialogue and he likes to rehearse. Mithun da likes to bring spontaneity to her performance. Since their approaches are different, I was thinking about how I would combine what would happen if there was tension between two veterans?

Recalling the first scene of the two actors he directed, Agnihotri said: That scene did not have much dialogue. I realized that, as a director, I had to make sure to direct them to get the best out of them. Once I started talking more, there was fluency between the three of us and that translated into their acting. Rest, we can see it in the movie!

Agnihotri claims that his film is being heavily viewed on OTT during the ongoing blockade. I think it happened because when the movie was released it had a difficult release. We got a limited number of screens because the big budget multistarrer Kalank 'also released around time. Our film was serious, and many film critics refused to review it. Surely that affected initially. The biggest victory occurred with its digital launch. People, especially young people, started talking about the very essence of the quest for the history of truth and the right to the truth, Agnihotri said, adding: Unless you question the system and the debate, we cannot remain as thinking people.