Mumbai police use Shah Rukh Khan's movie 'Main Hoon Na' reference to advise people to wear a mask

the Mumbai police found a unique way how they took Bollywood referrals to educate people to use a mask for safety in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. After a hilarious tweet about the horror comedy movie 'Stree', they now grabbed another Hindi movie to unveil.

Share a video of Shahrukh Khan ’s 'Main Hoona Na', Mumbai police wrote, “@iamsrk wouldn’t need to do such stunts any longer - Mask Hai Na!”. In the video, the actor makes a brilliant dive to save himself from the spit attack from college professor Professor Rasai, essayed by Satish Shah.

the Mumbai police often shares interesting tweets and enjoys massive followers on the internet. With the ongoing crisis, they often remind people for safety measures which are very important during this time.