#LifeinTheLockdown: The world has overcome many crises in the past; we will beat this too: Pankaj Tripathi

Look at emergency shutdown In a positive way, it is only for our safety and well-being. Think of it as the rest you've always longed for. Yeh emergency shutdown logon ki sehat aur suraksha ke liye bahot zaruri hai.

As we have done in the past, we will also overcome this crisis, but we must all follow the guidelines for that. Take social distancing seriously and don't panic.

 Pankaj Tripathi  home   (2) Pankaj Tripathi play the guitar at home

Due to work commitments, I couldn't spend enough time with my daughter, but now I can! Ghar par hoon toh shooting ke alawa woh har kaam kar raha hoon jo ek aam aadmi karta ha me. From helping with housework to cooking and taking a walk within the confines of my home, chatting with family members online, telling stories, writing, and listening to them; This is where I am spending my time.

Writing is a creative extension of me and I started writing down my thoughts for the sake of sharpening my skills. I am simply giving words to my thoughts. These words may be useful for a scene or character in the future, but even if they don't toh bhi koi baat nahin . I am also reading a lot of books these days and currently enjoy Pravin Kumar Chhabila Rangbaaz Ka Shahar .

Chabbila Rangbaaz Shahar Ka

Chabbila Rangbaaz Shahar Ka

It's samay mein ehsas hua hai ki humne nature ko hamesha underestimate kiya hai . If we do not respect nature and continue to pollute and abuse it, there is no way we can be healthy. I recently read that the Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh now visible from Jalandhar ! The sky in Mumbai also looks very clear and beautiful. These are good things and I hope the world learns that being environmentally conscious is the need of the hour.

Many people are saying they are getting bored amidst the emergency shutdown . On the contrary, I don’t feel bored! I love sitting by the window or on the balcony of my apartment in Mumbai, and enjoy the view outside. The blue sky, the birds, greenery and the sea are my sources of inspiration which are keeping me hopeful.

 A still from the video shared by Pankaj Tripathi from his balcony in Mumbai

A still from the video shared by Pankaj Tripathi from his balcony in Mumbai

Before the emergency shutdown , in a quest to do more and achieve more, we could hardly give our families enough time, so utilise this time to talk to them and listen to them. It is also the right opportunity to introspect and reflect on ourselves.

As told to Amrita Prasad