Not a good time in the world: Everton's manager Carlo Ancelotti at COVID-19

LIVERPOOL: Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti He expressed concern about the spread of the coronavirus and said it is not a good time in the world.

It is not a good time in the world, in England and Italy and across Europe, due to this pandemic, Ancelotti said, according to the club's official website.

However, despite the pandemic, the three-time Champions League-winning boss is looking on the bright side.

But from the other aspect, the fact that we have the possibility of walking and cycling is important for us, it is a good time for this. I met a few bike fans, from a safe distance, of course, he said.

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In Italy, it is not allowed to do this. I am in contact with many people in Italy and they are forced to stay at home, so it is not a good time for them, added Ancelotti.

Premier league It has already announced that the 2019-20 season will only return when it is safe and appropriate to do so.