Gujarat: Under confinement, Dahod becomes naagin nagari

VADODARA: When you are in Dahod, literally observe your steps with the people whistling in the streets. Twenty-five snakes were rescued in 24 hours, surprising even the city's wildlife experts.

According to rescuers, the snakes, which were rescued between April 8 and 9, included 16 cobras. Experts do not rule out the possibility that the reptiles have ventured into the city taking advantage of the blockade!

Dahod sees an increase in snake sighting during hot summers, but this is unprecedented. Such large numbers of snakes have never been rescued from the city, even during the monsoon, ”said Pratik Jain, a Dahod wildlife enthusiast.

Jain said snakes are very sensitive to vibrations and odor. They may have noticed that there was negligible movement around them and they came to town when they moved due to the heat, he said. One of the snakes had even ventured into the general ward of a gynecology hospital!

The administration has given permission to some wildlife enthusiasts to work with the forest department for wildlife rescue and related work.

Jain said several groups had designated people for the task and had been given passes to answer rescue calls or assist forest officials.