Karnataka closure: crying baby gives away workers in a freight vehicle

CHIKKAMAGALURU: A baby's screams brought 20 café workers and two children to Chikkamagaluru police who were sneaked into a goods vehicle to their village in the Ballari district. The workers had traveled in a Hassan pick-up vehicle, crouched behind the shopping bags, and would have crossed the Hiremagaluru checkpoint had it not been for the screeching of the children that caused the police to look behind the sacks. .

The workers, including four women, who worked in the village of Somanahalli in Belur Taluk de Hassan, stayed at the plantation line house after the closure. On Friday night, the plantation owner offered to arrange transportation for them to return to their home in Hagaribommanahalli in Ballari. The workers boarded a Bolero pickup vehicle and hid behind bags full of groceries being transported.

The driver took the road from Belur to Hiremagaluru, about 30 km away, which falls on the way to Chitradurga. At Hiremagaluru's circle, they detained him at the checkpoint and told the police that he was transporting food to Kaduru. As the police searched the vehicle, a baby's screams were heard loud and clear.

Chikkamagaluru SP Harish Pandey said the vehicle had crossed the Hassan border uncontrollably and was entering Chikkamagaluru when it was intercepted. The driver used internal routes and did not know about the checkpoint at Hiremagaluru. The vehicle was wrapped in plastic sheeting to make it look like a freight vehicle. The shopping bags were carefully packed and the workers, from three different families. They were sitting behind the bags. Our men heard the cry of a baby and arrested the workers. We have launched an investigation, he said.

Vehicles carrying essential goods travel day and night across the district's borders with the help of closing passes, and lately, people have been using them to evade police officers. A few days ago, an ambulance was caught carrying daily bets from Mangaluru to Vijayapura. The police stopped the vehicle at the Balehonnuru checkpoint in Chikkamagaluru's Narasimharajapura Taluk.