The Akshaya Patra Foundation and its partners feed 1.44 cr during the blockade

NEW DELHI: The Akshaya Patra Foundation (TAPF), which provided half-day students daily to 18 lakhs of schools in 12 states and two Union territories, has been tasked with providing daily meals to lakhs of migrant, poor and destitute workers during the 21 Covid Block Period - 19 days.

Since schools are closed during the closing period, TAPF, an initiative of Iskcon, Bangalore, decided to partner with governments and local administrations in these 14 states and UT to provide assistance to migrant workers trapped in commercial and industrial cities after of closure. Since March 25, we, with partners, have provided 1.44 crore meals at various locations through April 10, Bharat Das of TAPF told TOI on Saturday.

Coordination with authorities, arrangements for cooking and developing logistics for the distribution of meals was resolved on a war footing after the closure announcement, he said. We started immediately and fed 43,920 people on March 26. But, the task was much bigger. We increased our resources and fed 23.53 lakh person on April 8, he said.

Food provision in various states and UT shows that efforts are concentrated in labor-intensive cities. Das gave statistics on food distribution on April 10 and said that TAPF and its associates provided cooked food to 600 people in Vizag, 6,620 in Bhilai, 10,750 in Silvasa, 1 lakh in Surat and 25,200 in Ahmedabad, 19,287 in Ballary and almost 4 lakh meals or food. kits in Bangalore, 5,069 in Thane and 2,640 in Pune, 48,000 in the Delhi-NCR region, food kits for 20,000 in Bhubaneswar, 13,630 in Ajmer and over 1 lakh of cooked meals and food kits in Jaipur, 2,000 in Chennai , 21,540 in Kandi in Telengana, 23,450 in Lucknow and 20,000 food kits and cooked food in mathura and Vrindavan .

TAPF has worked with partners and donors to assist disaster relief work across India by partnering with government authorities and complementing their efforts, Das said. During the 21-day shutdown period, Akshaya Patra has been assisting government efforts by providing food aid to vulnerable communities, such as migrant workers and the homeless. The Foundation is doing this through its kitchen network, working closely with the Government of India, state governments, and other civic administrations. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, TAPF provided half-day meals to more than 8 lakh students at 19,039 schools in 12 states and two UTS.