Patient Covid-19 gives birth to a healthy boy in Kannur, Kerala

KANNUR: Saturday was a historic day for authorities at the Kannur Government Medical School in Pariyaram in the district, as a 29-year-old woman, under treatment by Covid-19, gave birth to a baby, who is the first such case in the state.

According to the university's director, Dr. N Roy, this woman from Kasaragod tested positive two weeks after contracting the virus from her husband. It was a C-section, and the medical team performed the surgery using personal protective equipment (PPE), with all the safety measures, which is a rarity and a moment of pride for the hospital, he said. This is the first such case in the state and the third in the country, and, therefore, all security measures were implemented in the special ICU created for this purpose, according to him. The delivery was at 12.20 pm, and the baby weighs 3 kg.

Although the woman tested negative in two consecutive tests, she is still under observation and would be released only after a few days, after testing her again, hospital authorities said. The newborn baby's swab has also been collected and sent for analysis. As of now, the mother and child are in separate isolation rooms, although both are healthy and stable, and she would be allowed to breastfeed the baby only after a few days, the director said.

The medical team consisted of the head of the gynecology department, Dr. S Ajith, the head of the anesthesia department, Dr. Charles, the head of the pediatrics department, MTP Mohammed, and the nursing staff and others. There were five pregnant women undergoing Covid-19 treatment, and two of them were discharged a few days ago. Two more women are still under treatment but are in the early stages of pregnancy. Previously, a woman under observation by Covid-19 had given birth to a baby via cesarean section, but had no infection.

A boy of one year and ten months, who tested positive, was also successfully treated here a few days ago, according to hospital authorities.