British scales Everest inside - with the help of frozen peas

LONDON: The anti-coronavirus blockade may have left the British ready to scale its walls in frustration, but the runner has put his accumulated energy to better use, raising the height of Mount Everest climbing his ladder.

It took four days for Griffin to climb 41,000 steps at his three-story home, equivalent to the 8,850-meter-long tallest mountain in the world. His effort so far has raised £ 3,500 ($ 4,340) for a charity that supports more than 1,200 foods in the UK. Using a computer programmed by his neighbor to track his progress, he almost took off on day three when his knee started to ache, but he followed his wife's advice to hit him with frozen peas and managed to move on, finally arriving at '' after 29 hours. climbing. Her family was waiting on the rooftop terrace when she ran up the stairs for the last time. It was a true sense of accomplishment, he added.