Which states have extended the blockade beyond April 14

NEW DELHI: Coronavirus nationwide will run until at least April 30 after broad consensus emerged about it during a meeting of chief ministers with the prime minister Narendra Modi , who emphasized jaan bhi, jahaan bhi, indicating that restrictions can be changed, as it was important to save livelihoods along with lives.

With the increase in the number of cases, many states have already announced the extension of the blockade until April 30.

Here is a list of the states that have announced the blocking extension:

With continuous spike in COVID-19 cases, the Maharashtra government has decided to extend the ongoing lockdown period till April 30, hours after chief minister Uddhav Thackeray attended a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi via video conferencing from Mumbai.

In a live webcast, Thackeray said the blockade, which was supposed to end on April 14, will run until April 30 in view of the lack of other options.

Maharashtra's COVID-19 case count skyrocketed to 1,666 earlier in the day with 92 new cases reported.

Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced that the blockade in Telangana will last until April 30 in the state.

During the four-hour interaction with the Prime Minister, Rao made several suggestions, including the creation of a working group under the Prime Minister's presidency.

So far, there have been 503 positive cases in the state, of which 393 are active and 96 cases have been discharged. The total number of cases including 14 deaths reported to date.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday declared extension of the lockdown till April 30, soon after a video-conference Prime Minister Narendra Modi had with CMs of different states.

Banerjee said the Prime Minister noted that the next two weeks would be crucial and critical in the fight against COVID-19.

All schools and universities in West Bengal will be closed until June 10, he added.

The state has 95 active coronavirus cases so far.

Prime Minister Naveen Patnaik announced Thursday that he will extend the ongoing blockade scheduled through April 14 to April 30 in Odisha, taking the lead over other states and the Center to make such a decision.

After chairing a cabinet meeting on video conferencing, Naveen in a video message released to the media said: “The state cabinet that met today decided that saving the lives of our people is the top priority at this time. Consequently, we have decided to extend the blockade until April 30.

Odisha reported two new positive cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, bringing the total number to 50.

Punjab on Friday extended the blockade to fight the coronavirus until May 1, as its COVID-19 case count increased to 151 and the government feared the outbreak is heading towards the community transmission stage.

At its videoconference meeting, the state cabinet also approved a draft ordinance to wire private hospitals in the state's efforts to combat COVID-19.

Punjab had imposed a statewide curfew on March 23 to enforce the blockade, imposed before the nationwide restrictions announced by the Prime Minister.

With seven more people testing positive for the coronavirus in Punjab, the total number of cases in the state is 158.

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