EXCLUSIVE! Suniel Shetty: if businessmen don't take care, they won't be able to take care of people

As each day goes by, coronavirus cases are on the rise in India with an increase in death reports as well. The nation below emergency shutdown however there is no decline in coronavirus cases. Past few days, we have seen an immense growth in COVID-19 cases. It has come to an extreme level which has led to an extension in emergency shutdown till the end of the month.

With the increase in cases and the lack of work at home, except work from home for many organizations, the economy is at stake currently. A drastic slowdown has been observed in the economy which is alarming for the nation. Showing his concern on the same, Suniel Shetty He spoke exclusively to ETimes and shared his views on the ongoing issue.

Suniel Shetty said, “The economy getting affected is the only sad part, the world is offering subsidies and solutions to the economical issues. I understand completely that it is our job to support the underprivileged, it’s our job to support the daily wages, we will do it and we will continue to do it but who will support a businessman? Brokers are bleeding everybody is bleeding ,whether it is stacks or banking, I think banking will have to be looked in the biggest way because loans, repayments, interests is something that needs to be looked into, some reforms have to come about. You’re talking about three trillion dollars being presented by the US, something needs to be done that’s something that I think will give a shot to not only people who want to help other people but also to the share market and everything in general. I think that’s the only sad part and that’s something that we’re missing. Even in our own industry, fifty percent of the films that are already on floor will bleed because of the interest, koi interest maaf nahi karta, delay picture ki iska matlab kam picturein release hongi, kam picturein release hongi matlab baaki k picture dabbe me rahenge, baaki k picture dabbe me rahenge yani huge loss, sirf bade bikenge chote bikenge nahi. So every industry needs a solution and I think that is what we are looking for from the honorable Finance Minister and these parties ruling the centre and the state. Because this will break the backbone of the entire economy thereby pushing recovery of the common man way behind. If the industrialists, businessmen, middle class businessmen, restaurateurs, theatre owners, movie makers all the business they are not cared for, they will not be able to take care of people.

We also asked the actor about his film projects which has been put on hold following the emergency shutdown in India. Responding to the same, Suniel said, “Absolutely, and that is why the projects which haven’t started, the projects that I am on or going to be leading you know 26th March was release of Priya’s film ‘Marakkar’ they spent all the money on the publicity and have to now go in again. It is a huge film. And there are huge films in different languages coming up now how many of them are going to come together? Where do the people have the money to go to movies after this? Sab kuch toh ration me khatam ho raha hai, sab kuch toh dawaaiyon mein jaa raha hai toh kya hoga? I think the economy part of it is also to be addressed and addressed very soon. You see Canada, UK, America - the relief has already been given to the businessmen and young entrepreneurs and they are all looking to help the community, here everybody is shit scared of what is going to happen? When am I going to get my money? When am I going to pay my EMIs? What am I going to do? And if that comes about it will not transfer to the people who actually need it. So that’s a big question mark and that’s the only downward that I feel soon the honorable Finance Minister should come up with reforms. Delaying income tax filing return is not going to help. How we are going to help the business that are shut? You asked us to shut completely and people have shut, industries are shut, shootings are shut, airing of television has stopped so there has to be something that has to be decided on behalf of the centre as well as the states. What are the reforms that you are offering? Nothing! A lot of people might be scared to talk about it but I think you need to talk about this because fear will only harm us and if we don’t talk about this the whole community is going to suffer and when the community suffers I am very sure people down the line will also suffer because people are only thinking about their problems. I understand everybody says, society k liye yeh karenge who karenge, lekin jab admi khud mara hota hai toh bohot mushkil hota hai and anyways business have been in slack in the last year or two. Corruption has been eradicated which is fantastic but reforms are very important.

While Suniel talked about the loss of suffering from companies and movies that sold out, we asked the actor about his upcoming projects and asked about ‘ Hera Pheri 3 who had confirmed to expand the channel recently. The actor said: “Right now, we are all lost and we don't know anything about what's going to happen. In addition to my movie 'Marakkar' which is ready for release and 'Fraudster' which is a movie in English and Telugu that I am making is about to end, 'Mumbai Saga' is about to end but God knows when it will be released , obtaining the correct appointment with hundreds of films along with all the great films without knowing what dates have changed. So the new movies are going to start, something was going to start in April, May, June, it was a great team from the United States that was going to come here for the action and stuff and now nobody knows. That movie depends a lot on this action team. So I have no idea, I don't want to pressure anyone, we are all going through the same problem. We are one at the moment, so let's stay calm, don't believe that something will go wrong and that everything will be fine. As long as we are healthy and live and breathe, I think it will all fit together because all the other problems are problems that carry everything except this.

While Suniel has expressed his concerns regarding the economy slowdown and its impact on business and entertainment industry, we are in hopes that the government will find a solution to these economical problems once the emergency shutdown is over!