Welcome home, sun!

When the mood is gray, bring color home to lift your spirits. As long as the world stays inside, the energy of the domestic space is considered a science of joy. There are many things you can do to raise energy in your home. Take out your old phulkari dupatta and put it on that sofa like a shot, add some plants to that corner to create a happy space. Harinder Singh, who started the Phulkari Restoration Project, says that phulkari translates into life and color. She adds: “In these times, we can take the metaphor out of the ship more than ever to lift our spirits. The cotton bagh (garden) or chashm-e-bulbul resonates with life. Spread them out in the corners of your home to bring new life this summer. ”NHome decorating instagrammers have redefined the summer trends for 2020. Now that the world is confined to your home, the #stayathomechallenge is having people rewrite their creative corners for positive energy. Here are some popular picks to bring positive vibes home ...


One of the main decoration trends this year is the bohemian style. Use a neutral base, and then add color and miscellaneous items. To give any space that boho-chic touch, use colorful flowers, from red roses to yellow chrysanthemums and more. Adding colors in countless shades is a key aesthetic of this style.

Small floral details

This year, small floral details are in fashion for the rooms. Put some flower pots or flower decoration in each room. It is a minimal trend that illuminates any space and is suitable for different decorative styles. It is better to choose a small cactus, bonsai or orchid, etc. The most important part of this trend is to place the arrangement in a strategic location.


The use of patio plants and flowers is definitely big in 2020. Just keep in mind that the plants you choose to decorate your patio with should be an outdoor variety and match your decor. According to WGSN trend forecasters, neo mint will be the color of spring-summer 2020. This is a fresh and oxygenating shade that harmonizes science and technology with nature. This bright, crisp tone sounds beautiful and attractive. Use neo mint to bring harmonious energy into your home. A softer shade of turquoise and green, it's an energizing home tone.


This fun free-spirited inner trend is inspired by abstract expressionist artwork. With bold geometry, hand-drawn sketches, and fun color blocks, this look is all about expressing personality in our homes. The purpose is to evoke emotions and create a state of mind. Striking patterns and bold colors give it a more playful look. Like the art movement, this trend celebrates the imperfection and fluidity of hand-drawn shapes. Artist Anu Malhotra says: Art with abstract energy improves the mood and energy of a space and lifts the spirits.


The beauty regimen has moved home as spa services and beauty salons have been out of reach. Beauty rituals in baths are the new must-dos (see story on ubtans). Create your own bathroom space for that milky Cleopatra bath with scrubs, herbs, and lotions. Light some candles and enjoy a good bath. The home space is where you will heal, be happy, and be fit.

As the world moves away from socialization, new creative spaces are the new creative rush


Plants are perfect for any room in the home, not just for living rooms and offices. The tendency to place plants and flowers in the bathroom brings brightness and freshness to spaces that are generally lifeless.