Akriti Kakar: This period has made me even more grateful as a person.

After 40 days of isolation, Bollywood singer and performer Akriti Kakar is already full of love and gratitude.

In an email interaction, she recently told the Bombay Times from her family's home that quarantine had taught her many things ... and being grateful is best. Now that I am remembering the last month, I feel overwhelmed on many levels. This month It has made me more patient and discover many new facets of mine. This period has made me a more grateful person for the food we eat, for the staff who work for us, for the home we live in and for my most important family. Now that I'm not traveling like a top for concerts and not on n off recording studies I'm realizing more and more value of my passion and profession. And I am patiently preparing my body and my voice to return to the routine when everything is fine everywhere, Akriti said.