Which movie KTR last saw and responded the most during #AskKTR

IT Minister KTR had a question and answer session on their social media on Friday night with the hashtag #AskKTR. The hashtag even started trending Twitter after a time in Hyderabad with many netizens asking questions in hopes of getting an answer. The question asked and the answers given were interesting, here are some of them. Many parents posted videos of children urging everyone to be careful during the coronavirus pandemic, which KTR seemed to appreciate most.

Many also showed how they are doing their part to help migrants and salaried workers in the city, and KTR thanked them for their act of kindness.

KTR replied that Driven was the last movie he saw.

For a while, even my sleep cycle was rattled, KTR said as internet user Discuss how KTR is always active on Twitter.

He even gave a gripping answer when a internet user asked what superpower meant to him. He said โ€œMy realistic approach towards the job I hold, I know my life & shelf life as a politician is limited & I also realise I am in a very privileged position where I can help people.โ€

Interestingly few internet user s have shared some old and interesting pics of KTR.