Four more positive cases of Covid-19 reported in UP's Firozabad

AGRA: Days after a laboratory assistant from Agra tested positive, the neighboring district reported Saturday that his four acquaintances, including his wife, were infected with the virus, as the man recently visited his village, breaking the closure protocol.

Earlier, after a notice from CMO Agra Dr Mukesh Kumar Vats, Firozabad local health authorities visited the assistant's home. They collected 38 individual samples, of which four were positive for.

According to Dr. SK Dixit, Firozabad's medical director, “We tracked contacts and found that possibly 38 people contacted the laboratory assistant. Furthermore, we disinfected the entire village and asked the villagers to remain in quarantine. ”

“The four Covid-19 positive patients were transferred to the ward of the district hospital. Coronavirus-infected patients include the lab technician's wife and three friends, CMO said.

With the four new cases, the district's count has reached 15 and not a single patient admitted to isolation rooms has recovered so far.