Ram Jethmalani led a fascinating life and a film had to be made: Soha Ali Khan

An actor, an author, mother of one of the most boring and overwhelming Bollywood characters. Bollywood Inados kiddos, and now a producer - Soha Ali Khan has worn many hats over the years. Now that Soha and Kunal are producing a movie for the first time about lawyer and politician. Ram Jethmalani In her life, she shares that she was lucky to meet him in person and that he led a very fascinating life.

Talking more about her upcoming project, Soha says, “We have never been producers and it's our first time. We had the good fortune and honor of meeting Mr Ram Jethmalani a few years ago, and he is a very forthcoming person. I knew a bit about his professional life, and a little bit about his personal life as well. I've had a bit of a notorious reputation, and have been known to represent many famous and infamous people throughout his career. ”

Continuing to elaborate, he adds, “I thought it was a fascinating life that he had led, and that he had to make a movie about it. You can see how intrinsically his life is linked to the history of India. He was born in 1923, lived more than 95 years, and worked in a legal capacity of more than 70 years. He saw a lot and represented, and really fought for, the idea of ​​India, sometimes against the Indian government and sometimes against the symbols of India. He fought for the law, and it always came first for him, no matter what.