United States Beats Coronavirus Death Toll in Italy

WASHINGTON: The U.S It became the first country in the world to record more than 2,000 deaths in a 24-hour period from Covid-19 infections, as the number of pandemics in the country exceeded that of Italy on Saturday.

At the time of writing this article, EE. USA It had recorded a death toll of 18,883, up from 18,849 in Italy, even as the pandemic appeared to be declining in some areas responding to mitigation measures while gaining strength in places where the measures are lax.

NY El estado, que sigue siendo el epicentro del brote en los EE. UU., representa casi la mitad de la cifra total de muertes en todo el país con 7.844 muertos. En general, U.S cruzó medio millón de casos, la mayor cantidad en cualquier país, y cinco veces más que China, cuyas cifras se consideran dudosas.

Some experts suggest that the US USA They may have reached, or at least are very close to, the maximum number of deaths per day, if mitigation measures remain in place. We repeat the model, basically, almost every night, and new returns from different states suggest different peaks in different states, but nationally it appears that we are very close to the peak, the director said. of the and Evaluation in the University of Washington - Who created the model the White House is using to measure the peak of coronavirus cases, said Saturday.

Murray's model projects that around 61,500 Americans will lose their lives to the virus in August, IF the country maintains the social distance measures until the end of May. The toll is much less than the projected 80,000, which in turn is much less than the 100,000-240,000 that President Trump had feared based on early models.

But planners repeatedly warn that all bets are void if social distancing measures are relaxed prematurely. Some experts also warn that the US USA They may be reporting unintentional deaths because many deaths outside the hospital system go unrecorded.

President Trump, who has long been fighting and striking a balance between saving lives and saving the economy, longs for a reopening on May 1, even as his aides warn them not to commit to date.

I would say, without question, that it is the biggest decision I have ever had to make, Trump said Friday during his press conference at the White House. When asked what metrics to consider when ordering a reopening, he pointed to his head and said: The metrics are here.

Efforts to reopen the country's economy, business, and stagnant public life are becoming increasingly partisan, with differences Trump may not be able to control or overcome.

While some Democrat-governed states like Michigan have tightened restrictions to the point of prohibiting neighbors from crossing the street and visiting each other, the Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott He said he will issue an order next week on the safe reopening of the companies. In Kentucky, the state's Democratic governor warned that authorities would register the registrations of Easter parishioners and force them to be quarantined for 14 days.