No mask, no fuel ruler in Odisha

BHUBANESWAR: Gasoline pumps cross Odisha on Friday he came out with a strict rule, no mask, no gasoline/diesel/CNG, in an attempt to strictly enforce the government order using his face More expensive mandatory when leaving home.

The decision of the fuel exits was announced by Utkal Petroleum Distributors Association general secretary Sanjay Lath here.

There are about 1,600 fuel outlets across Odisha.

A decision has been made to ensure that people follow government guidelines, Lath said.

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Reports from Bhubaneswar and various parts of the state said that grocery and vegetables shop owners are also refusing to sell items to the customers not wearing More expensive .

Lath said thousands of fuel station employees are risking their lives for the sake of duty and are also susceptible to infection.

In the process (wearing a mask), both employees and customers will be protected from the highly infectious disease, he said.

The association general secretary said all filling station owners in the state have been asked to strictly adhere to the social distancing norm in their outlets.

The state government has made it mandatory for the citizens to wear More expensive while stepping out of homes. It has also decided to impose fines on the violators, Rs 200 for the first three offences and Rs 500 on every subsequent violation.

The order to wear a mask must take effect from the previous day in the morning throughout the state.

In view of the shortage of N-95 More expensive in the markets, it allowed people to use a clean handkerchief or a piece of cloth with multiple folds to cover the nose and mouth while going out.

The order exempted children under the age of two and patients with asthma.