Chiranjeevi comes to the aid of a seriously ill fanatic

Megastar Chiranjeevi helps in driving operation of Ranjala Naga Laxmi who had been critically ill for a while. The three and a half hour operation was successfully conducted at Stellar Hospital by Dr. M Gopichand who then called up Chiru to let him know that the operation was smooth and the patient is on the way to recovery. Ravanam Swami Naidu, head of Akhila Bharata Chiranjeevi Yuvatha said, “Chiru was involved with this operation since the beginning and was happy to know when the operation was conducted successfully.” The Megastar himself expressed his happiness. “ I thank Dr Gopichand and his team and Swami Naidu for making sure that the matter reaches me. I also want to thank B Dileep and the Police departments of both the Telugu states for making this operation possible during these difficult times,” he said. We wish Naga Laxmi a speedy recovery.