This is what you can grow in 21 days

For those wondering what can be grown in 21 days, gardening enthusiasts answer for the proliferation of microgreens in just a week. Vinayak Garg, who runs a Lazy Gardener group in Delhi, shares: “On our page we are often asked about gardening in the kitchen and what can be grown at home. In recommending what to grow, we take two things into account: a) the seeds/cut should be readily available and b) the growth of that vegetable/fruit should be substantial enough for whoever plants it. In these 21 days, we have referred growing microgreens to many people. Seeds like mustard (rai/sarson), fenugreek (methi), and coriander (dhaniya) can be grown in just a few weeks. And once they are over six inches tall, baby sprouts can be cut and used in salads and sandwiches. These are used by many gourmet chefs to decorate and decorate their dishes. In addition, they are also very nutritious. ” Vinayak adds that coriander and mint leaves can also be propagated in a glass of water, and once they grow, the roots can be planted in the ground.