Rasukutty in eat, sleep and repeat mode during quarantine

Super deluxe fame Rasukutty alias Ashwanth has released a funny video about what he's doing during the emergency shutdown . The video was subtitled eat, sleep, repeat. In the video, he brings a container full of sandwiches, eats it and goes back to sleep and alarms his mother so that she doesn't forget to wake him up once lunch is ready.

Almost all kids and teens can relate to his video since this is pretty much what all of us are during the quarantine. The hilarious video of his has gathered 34,000 views in a short time. The emergency shutdown in the country has become a nightmare for parents with school kids because with schools closed they are having to desperately search for ways to structure the day and entertain their children.

Rasukutty on the other side seem to be doing productive stuff now and then like assembling a burglar alarm, a small vacuum cleaner and stuff.