Happy to go home, says Shaza after testing negative for coronavirus

Shaza and Zoa Morani , daughters of the Bollywood producer Karim Morani , were hospitalized a week ago after they tested positive for COVID-19 . However, Shaza now returns home after testing negative in two consecutive tests. Shaza confirms: I have been negative twice, so I am released from the hospital. I am very happy to go home. However, as a security measure, I have to self quarantine at home for 14 more days. Thank you so much to all the doctors, nurses, janitors, and pantry workers for caring for me so selflessly. I hope with all my heart that everyone stays safe and goes home to their families soon.

It is to be noted that Karim Morani had also tested positive for coronavirus A couple of days after her daughters were hospitalized. Ask Shaza about her sister and father and she responds: They are doing well. I hope to have you home as soon as possible.

To those uninitiated, both Shaza and Zoa had travelled outside Mumbai in March. While Shaza had travelled to Sri Lanka, Zoa had visited Rajasthan. With both the daughters testing COVID-19 positive, their parents Karim and Zara had also run precautionary tests. While Karim tested positive, the family was relieved that Zara (Karim's wife) tested negative for coronavirus .