Band Project Maya members work on their next single while locked up

Members from the city band A, Project Maya, consisting of Rajarshi Barman (vocalist), Savvy (keys), Pom (bass/sound engineer), Suvam (guitar), Sajib (Indian percussion) Bunty (drums/percussion) and Rahul (manager), are working at full speed from their homes during the shutdown. the band specializes in Shyama sangeet and is working on his next single Shyama Maa Ki Love kalo . The song is originally from Komolakanto Bhattacharjee and talks about racism or discrimination based on skin colour. Bunty , the band 's drummer, said, " Komolakanto Bhattacharjee is considered as one of the fathers of modern Bangla songwriting. The topic of the song is very relevant in today's time. All the band members discussed over conference phone calls and video calls about the music production, arrangements and other technicalities. Then we individually recorded our parts while isolated at home. Four of our members have their own recording setup, so after recording it, we send it to each other. And our cum bassist sound engineer , Pom, is now mixing it. Everybody s going through a tough time now. All we hope is to spread the message of peace through our music ."