Punjab Police Create Bollywood Messages For Blockade

Having tried more stringent measures, and received bricks for it, to implement emergency shutdown in the state, Punjab The police have taken a friendlier approach. His latest campaign is a series of subtitles with Bollywood songs on the theme of staying home. Without diluting the discipline in the messages, and humanizing the policeman Forcefully, these posters are backed by affable faces of real police officers from across the state.

With Punjab becoming the second state to extend emergency shutdown till May 1, policeman is hopeful of sending home these messages more gently this time around. “The campaign with the Bollywood songs, while providing relief from the sombre and challenging times we are all living in, delivers a clear and unambiguous message that self-restraint is any day better than ‘social policing’,” says Dinkar Gupta , IPS, Director General of Police, Punjab , who conceptualised these campaigns and commissioned them to a Mumbai based agency. The agency, which has also created Covid-19 themed campaigns for Mumbai policeman , was given the brief, “to make the campaign appeal to a wide cross-section of people.” Says Carol Goyal , Executive Director of the agency that took over the pro bono campaign, “Mr. Gupta specified that the campaign had to be entertaining because people violate the rules of social isolation to seek entertainment in the outside world. Nothing connects people in this country in a more entertaining way than Bollywood. ”


While enforcing curfew in the state, the policeman risked its personnel too in the frontline of the battle. The force wanted to also leverage this campaign to celebrate its own heroes. “Rather than using animation, we decided to put our personnel posted in various cities as poster boys and girls of this campaign,” says Surinder Lamba , IPS, Executive Assistant-cum-Staff Officer to DGP, Punjab, supervising the social media campaign in the state. The DGP adds: “It helps us celebrate our own strength and show their contributions. We want to use social media to reach the community, especially millennials. pp5pp 2pp6pp3

Bollywood apart, the other social media campaign s of Punjab policeman , also rendered by Carol’s agency, have employed Punjab i actors like Diljit Dosanjh, Jaswinder Bhalla for voiceovers and singer Sidhu Moosewala for a song about missing NRIs, Gwacheya Gurbaksh .