Leave surgical masks and N 95 for medical personnel - Mohit Chauhan

Singer Mohit Chauhan has been feeding the strays during this confinement time because the strays are also hungry. Speaking about the government directive to wear masks that he shares, it is now official that the masks should be used to prevent infection. Those who leave the houses must wear a mask because if you stay safe, you end up keeping your whole family safe and we must all strive to do so. The virus will not catch it until it allows it to reach you. One way to make sure it doesn't get to you is to wear a mask. But while you are doing it, please make sure to leave surgical masks and N 95 for medical personnel. They need it more. Normal people can wear cloth masks that are good as exercise with caution. I wear one daily when I go out to feed the stray. Be careful . Stay home. Maintain physical distance.