New Yamaleela daily soap .. Aa Tarvata will be released soon

The classic of yesteryear Yamaleela starring Ali , Manju Bhargavi Indraja and others are easily one of the favorite Telugu movies of many television audiences. The movie now has a new spin-off. The new daily soap titled ‘ Yamaleela .. Aa Tarvata is ready to entertain the television audience very soon.

According to the latest reports, the channel broadcasting the program plans to launch the program as soon as the continuous crash due to Covid-19 ends. The channel is broadcasting the trailer for the show and the plot looks quite promising.

The trailer featuring actors Ali, Manju Bhargavi, Add , Nikhita, Bhavana and others offers a peek into the protagonists’s world and his problems. While Yamaleela was about the protagonist's (played by Ali) battle against fate to save his mother (Manju Bhargavi), the daily soap is apparently about the mother reaching out to her granddaughter who is orphaned due to the untimely death of her son and daughter- in-law. The performances of the star cast in the trailer are leaving fans wanting for more.

While Manju Bhargavi is seen as Ali’s mother, Nikitha played the role of his wife and Add essayed the role of Lord Yamaraj. Sources close to the show reveal that Ali and Manju Bhargavi were roped in for the teaser and few key sequences in the show while the story is likely to revolve around Bhavana’s character. However, further details about the show and its launch date are expected very soon.

‘Yamaleela’, the popular Telugu film directed by SV Krishna Reddy, has also got a sequel titled Yamaleela -2. It remains to be seen if the TV show can measure up to the expectations.