If China is a developing country, let's make the United States too: Trump

WASHINGTON: If China considers itself a developing country, make the United States a developing country as well, United States President Donald said on Friday, alleging that Beijing has taken advantage of his country.

China has taken incredible advantage of us and other countries. You know, for example, that you are considered a developing nation. I said it would make us a developing nation as well, Trump told reporters at his daily press conference at the White House.

The President was answering a question about China.

They get great advantages because they are a developing nation. India, a developing nation. The United States is the great developed nation. Well, we have a lot of development to do, ”he said.

Reiterating that the United States was seized by the World trade organization Trump said the Chinese economy began to grow after joining the WTO with the help of the United States.

If you look at China's history, it was only since they entered the WTO that they became a rocket with its economy. They were flat for years and years, he said.

“Frankly, for many, many decades. And it was only when they got to the WTO that they turned into a rocket because they took advantage of everything, I don't even blame them. I am saying how stupid were the people who stood here and allowed it to happen, ”he said.

The Trump Administration will now allow that to happen, he said.

“If they don't treat us fairly, they will leave. But now we are starting to win cases, ”he said.

Claiming that China has taken advantage of the United States for 30 years, he said, China has taken advantage of the United States through the WTO and using rules that are unfair to the United States.

They should never have allowed it, this should never have allowed it to happen, he added.

When China joined and was allowed to join the WTO in those circumstances, that was a very bad day for the United States because they have rules and regulations that were very different and much easier than our rules and regulations, he said.

More. They took advantage of them to the end. China took advantage of them as few people would think of taking advantage of them and again they are considered a developing nation, he added.

The United States, he regrets, does not consider himself a developing nation.

They were given advantages (for being a developing nation). For many years, China has cheated the United States. So I came along and now, as you know, China is paying 25 percent, Trump said, adding that the United States is now earning billions and billions of dollars in tariffs from China.

The United States is not paying, he said.

Not all countries are China, but China would devalue its currency and they would also spend money and essentially pay most of those tariffs, not us, he said.