Exclusive! Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari in the running of the bulls: at times like these we realize who our closest are

Bollywood is adjusting to the emergency shutdown in different ways. From taking over the kitchen to setting fitness goals and working from home - Bollywood is enthusiastic even in quarantine. And making the most of her time is filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari who is on a productive spree. For him ' Panga ’Director, working from home is not new, but she sure is devising new ways to connect with her team. From FaceTime meetings to meditating at home - here’s what Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari is doing during quarantine.

How has life changed after the pandemic?

Home quarantine is like a silent meditation course. We feel uncomfortable for the first three days and then, without any choice, the mind begins to adapt to the environment and anxiety sets in. Get used to the moments. Thinking and thinking, the mind begins to evaluate me for my purpose in this world on a humanitarian scale. Every day in India and as the world goes through an unpredictable pandemic change, you have thought that I am more focused and find happiness in the smallest things. Life is very unpredictable. Making plans will get us nowhere; Living today will bring us joy.

What precautions are you taking at home?

We wash our hands. And once in a while, when only one person comes to the door to get milk or bread (our daily boys are not allowed to enter), we wear masks and we wash our hands again. It is necessary to be cautious and not to leave unless it is necessary.

How has the emergency shutdown affected your work?

As creative writers, we are used to working from home. Most of my work happens from home and I feel more comfortable being a homebody. I rarely go out any other way too. Home is my comfort zone. Shoot/rally, yes, they have been pushed. We are still trying to have some FaceTime meetings and we also write with our FaceTime writers.

How do you keep in touch with your loved ones?

At times like these, we realize who our closest are and who they need to be in contact with. I call my mother and my yoga teacher, who is also like my mother, every day and my best friend. But frankly, I don't feel like talking to anyone unless it's necessary. I message instead. I spend all my time self-analyzing, practicing mindfulness, meditating. Also, he spends a lot of time reading, especially books on philosophy and psychology, apart from the usual housework.

Films to binge watch or books to read during emergency shutdown ?

I haven't seen too many movies or series, but I have seen books and documentaries.

-Woody Allen autobiography

-Mc Curry Daily Rituals

-Here, there and where: the most beloved stories of Sudha Murthy

-Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

-A simple Ruskin Bond life book

Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Message to fans

Life is in transit more than competitive stairs and planning. Find happiness in the little things you do.