Apple and Google to create contact tracking technology to stop the spread

NEW YORK: and Alphabet Inc Google He said Friday that they will work together to create a follow-up of contacts. technology The objective is to stop the spread of the coronavirus by allowing to choose a system that catalogs other phones that have been nearby.

They will work together on technology that will allow mobile devices to trade information via Bluetooth connections to alert people when they have been in close proximity with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

The technology will first be available in mid-May as software tools available to contact tracing apps endorsed by public health authorities. However, Apple and Google also plan to build the tracking technology directly into their underlying operating systems in the coming months so that users do not have to download any apps to begin logging nearby phones.

The companies said the technology will not track the location or identity of users, but instead will only capture about when users’ phones have been near each other, with data being decrypted on the user’s phone rather than the companies' servers. GPS location data is not part of the effort, the companies said.