#LockdownDiaries: Gaurav Paswala shares his workout routine at home

Maintain a training schedule during the emergency shutdown It is a task for many. While taking time out with kids running around the house, pending deadlines, no maids and with the help of your partner, workouts are the last thing on your mind.

Looking good and staying fit is a pre-requisite for the glamour industry, but the boredom of staying home in the emergency shutdown can pull down even the best of us. However, Order, Order Out of Order’ actor believes that taking out even 15-20 minutes daily can boost your health, immunity system and mood.


His quick fitness mantra is floor push-ups, bodyweight exercises, and eating fresh foods. Gaurav adds: I am in home workouts . I mainly do a lot of push-ups, sit-ups, and a combination of bodyweight exercises that works on my overall body. I make sure to follow a proper warm-up and cool-down regimen before and after my workouts. As for my diet, it's all about home cooking and nothing raw, except fresh, seasonal local fruit.