Music can calm you during the running of the bulls: Parth Oza

In These times of self-quarantine, social estrangement, possible prolonged blockade, and constant fear of the continuing coronavirus pandemic have increased our stress levels and affected our lives. mental health . In este momento, la música, siente que los expertos pueden convertirse en un salvavidas. Con su poder curativo, esta forma de arte es lo que todos necesitamos para alejar el blues de encierro.

So believe Gujarati musician and music therapist practitioner Parth Oza . Everything in life and in nature originates from the vibrations of sound and that is why music is an ingrained element of our being, he says and adds: It has an undeniable healing effect that can be used very efficiently in the situation current.

With its attractive, rejuvenating and relaxing qualities, music seems to be the perfect answer. “There are two ways to interact with music. Either you play a musical instrument or you sing, or you listen to music. While both are equally effective, the latter is more common as you don't need anything other than headphones to start listening to music, anytime, anywhere.

Parth suggests the correct way to participate to make it more effective. “Most of us listen to music, but not in the right way. The best way to do this is to take time off from your daily routine, close your eyes, and then turn on the music. Listening on TV Watching music videos distracts your attention and generates more anxiety. The idea is to relax and make this part of your daily routine.