Truckers seek Covid detection facilities for drivers

NEW DELHI: Carriers and organizations have suggested that the transport ministry create thermal detection facilities to detect Covid-19 for drivers at loading and unloading points and every 200 km on the roads.

In a video conference with officials from the transport ministry and the interior ministry on Friday, they suggested the need to encourage drivers to show up to work through the media.

Representatives of All Congress () and two other entities AITWA and SIMTA participated in the interaction.

AIMTC has also sought an aid package that includes suspending toll collection on highways until October. They stated that more than 90% of the trucks are idle and more than four lakh truckers with goods are still stranded.

The truckers' entities claimed they had been receiving numerous distress calls from across the country from drivers stuck during the blockade, seeking help.

We have suggested that large corporations linked to the transportation sector can join with the government and us to create facilities to evaluate drivers, provide disinfection facilities and ensure that social distancing is maintained, said AIMTC President Atwal.

AIMTC has stated that the average daily loss for truckers is estimated at approximately Rs 2.2 billion. We have sought a rescue package and immediate government aid, including demand for an average of Rs 15,000 per month for truck and bus drivers to support their families based on documents such as driver's licenses and Aadhaar card, Atwal said .

Truckers' entities also cited how they are observing the driver shortage due to the strict blockade in the Mewat region of Haryana. They told ministry officials that almost one lakh truckers come from this region.