#LoveInTheTimeOfLockdown: Benafsha and I have been together for two and a half years: Priyank Sharma

Their dating rumors first appeared in 2017-2018, when they appeared on ' Bigg Boss 11 ', but Priyank sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla had always maintained that they are “just good friends”. However, the two have finally put all speculations to rest by acknowledging their relationship. A couple of days ago, the actor shared a cosied-up picture of him and the VJ with the caption, ‘Confirmation’.

When contacted, he told BT, “I had met Ben through common pals. We became good friends and I got to know her better during 'Bigg Boss'. Both of us were single when we entered the house. We felt a strong connection, especially after I re-entered the house post my eviction. We developed feelings for each other, but didn’t want to make any commitment without being sure. Once out in the real world, we spent a lot of time together and realised that we were in love. It has been exactly two-and-a-half years since Ben and I are together. She gives me a sense of completeness and we fit together like missing pieces of a puzzle.”

After keeping mum for so many years, what made them come out in the open now? “We took a lot of time to work on the relationship and didn’t make it public earlier because we wanted our space and privacy. Also, in the current situation, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future and that made us realise that life is too short to keep something so beautiful private anymore,” Priyank replied.

Speaking of staying away from each other due to the blockade, he said: Of course, we cannot know each other because of the blockade, but overall we have been away from each other due to our professional commitments. However, as they say, the distance makes the heart become more loving.