India returns 20,473 foreign citizens to their home countries

NEW DELHI: India has successfully repatriated 20,473 foreign nationals to their home countries who had become stranded in India after the international travel ban was enforced in the last week of March. Addressing the daily briefing for journalists, an additional secretary said this was an ongoing process that involved everyone. government , including MEA, MHA, state government s and the civil aviation ministry.

However, he indicated that stranded abroad would have to shelter in place until the lockdown was lifted. This has been the government ’s position from the start, asking India ns abroad to remain where they are. Ravi said India n envoys had been in touch with those stranded “and being guided by them.”

There are thousands of Indians in countries like Philippines (16000), Italy and EE. USA Among others who are stranded.

In addition, there are Indian crews in the merchant marine and cruise ships worldwide, about 40,000 by some estimates.

The government will begin repatriating them in small batches so as to not overwhelm the quarantine or hospital systems post lockdown.