I support the #MaskIndia movement: Priyanka Sarkar

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, actress Priyanka sarkar has extended its support to #MaskIndia movement . In an interview, she said: “It is important for all of us to wear masks at this time if you are going out. In fact, all directives suggest that wearing a mask is imminent. You need to wear an N95 mask on case you are in contact with people with symptoms or if you are showing symptoms. We should ideally stay home. But in case you are stepping out in an emergency you should wear masks I support the #MaskIndia movement .”

But the actress also suggested leaving N95 masks for doctors and nurses. “You do not need to use N95 masks, as they must be left for medical professionals. Instead, you should try making your own masks. It is simple. My friend Abhishek Dutta He has made some masks. I am using them now, ”he said.