Sara Arfeen Khan talks about the importance of training during the running of the bulls

Our daily life and work could have stalled due to the current blockade announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a preventive measure to stop the novel. coronavirus pandemic, but that's no excuse for not staying fit and eating healthy during these trying times. Celebrities have also been quarantined at home doing their activities at home, keeping in mind that they stay in shape since gyms are also closed. Actress Sara Arfeen Khan she talks about how she is using this time for herself.

Sara Arfeen Khan along with husband, Arfeen Khan and sister, Naina Mansukhani, have been training under the guidance of Satyajit Chaurasia , who also trained many popular Bollywood celebrities. Since the gym has been closed and I think it will be closed for at least a couple of months, we have decided to meet every night through online calls at a fixed time. My coach Satya trains us all as if he were one on one, Sara informs.

Sara also says: “It's only been a few days since we started training online and Satya has an incredible system in which we only have to train 10-12 minutes a day, which is equivalent to an hour and a half in the gym. Satya plans to offer this to everyone in India soon online. ”

Speaking of the difficult times the world is facing and the need for everyone to increase their immunity and stay in shape, Sara says: “Positive thinking is important during these times. However, putting your body on a physical exercise regimen strengthens your mind, eliminates fear, and gives evidence to your brain that you are a winner. After the pain subsides, you feel great. The same will happen when this pandemic passes.