#LockdownDiaries: Alisha Prajapati is giving us important fitness goals and these images are proof of this

Staying fit and looking fabulous is a prerequisite in the world of glamor. No matter the weird, hard-to-shoot hours, irregular sleep patterns, constant travel, aspect tests, etc., actors have to make time for their training schedules. And with this comes lethargy and boredom to do any type of exercise. So, if you are looking for motivations to keep fit, then you don't need to search. Alisha tackles these seemingly difficult yoga poses with ease, giving us great fitness goals.

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She says: “I have never really been a gym person and I have loved doing yoga for years. With complete emergency shutdown There are no filming schedules for the next few weeks, so I will have more time to focus on my overall health.

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Alisha further adds: “My home training basically consists of yoga, floor exercises to strengthen my core and many stretches. I also regularly watch fitness and yoga videos to make my exercise routine interesting. As for my diet, I don't eat junk/outdoor food and I've always preferred home-cooked meals, so I stick with it.

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Well guys, get inspired!