Jacqueline Fernández introduces herself to a Coronavirus survivor to help spread the pandemic.

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez She is known for her positive aura and for shining her light with rays of hope in the darkest moments. The actress has a philanthropic side that is much more visible and evident during this time of the pandemic.

The actress has taken various measures to combat the problems caused by the pandemic. Jacqueline assisted daily salaried workers during the COVID-19 closure by providing funds to obtain supplies for 2,500 families in Mumbai facing the repercussions of the closure.

Recently, live on social media, Jacqueline took the initiative to speak to a coronavirus survivor to clarify confusion about the virus and what should and should not be maintained during the crash.

The coronavirus survivor was 21 year old girl from Surat, Gujarat whose name was Rita Bachkaniwala who spoke about his time in the hospital and reported how it is important to declare symptoms if faced with them, as it can spread the virus if affected by it. She said quarantine is the only way out and that cooperating is the key to everything. The coronavirus survivor told us that the hospitals were very supportive of her during her time there. Jacqueline and Rita's live feed really helped spread the virus-related awareness and alertness. He cleared the fog of rumors surrounding the virus and educated us on the reality of it all. They really cleared up our misconceptions.

Jacqueline said: “I love the fact that officials have really been there for people who are suffering and have contracted it. Many people are afraid of that as if they feared that it would be the end of the world if they succeed, but they do not understand that there are specialists to take care of them ”.

Prior to this, Jacqueline was seen spreading awareness of the impact of the virus on malnourished people on a live feed with ' Action Against Hunger 'foundation that works to provide food to people affected by malnutrition.

She also uses her social media to urge us to stay home to keep us safe. She says this is the most optimal thing we could do in our current capacity. The actress keeps herself busy and uses her free time during the running of the bulls to lift the spirit of the public on social media by posting her training videos and piano videos.